About us:
The American bulldog was not the breed we were looking for at first. We were interested at the American pitbull terrier. At that time there was a small dog event where we went to see some dogs. There were also a few American Bulldogs, so we got to know this breed also. 
Character was the biggest factor which contributed to the fact that we chose the American Bulldog. Our first American Bulldog was Ironheart`s Bao. Our first litter was born in 2003. We do not breed often.We choose carefully the dogs that we use for breeding.The puppies are born inside the house and they get to know the normal sounds of life in a household. We allow visitors to come and see our pups when they are 3-4 weeks old. When the puppies leave us they are socialized, dewormed several times, as well as registered to NKC. We want to keep in contact with the new owners throughout the dog`s life. We give our support for the puppy owners,and for us it is important to know the health of the dogs,who are from our breedings because it gives valuable information for our future breedings. At the moment we have 3 females at home. We try to keep the number of dogs we have small, so that every dog gets a lot of our time as well. 
In the fall of 2015, we sold our house and we decided to move to Germany.The idea to move out from Finland was on our minds for past few years. So we had a lot of time to decide what we would do next,if we put our house for sale. In October 2015 we packed our dogs and ourselves to an rv and started to drive. At first we had  a few month holiday traveling and seeing Europe and then we settled into Germany in december 2015. We are located now in the southeastern Europe.
- Tiina and Kelly Aarnio -

On the road! Ire & Elli.