Low River`s Lenny                X                  CH.Low River`s Collette
            HD:A/A, ED:0/0                                        HD:B/B, ED:0/0
              NCL-clear, ZTP                                         NCL-clear, ZTP

Low River`s Lenny 
CH. Low River`s Collette

d.o.b. 27.03.2006

Health results;

Litter is NCL-clear

Other results; E-Litter
Low River`s Elroy  "Jenkki"     M
Low River`s EyeCatcher "Rolli"     M
Low River`s Eastside Forrest Troll "Rollo" HD: A/A, ED: 0/0 TT:BACT1 M
Low River`s Enzo "Enzo" HD: C/C, ED: 0/0   M
Low River`s Earl "Remu" HD: B/B, ED:0/0 BH, EWP4, APA WP II M
Low River`s Elridge "Esko" HD: B/C, ED:0/0 TT:BACT1 M
Low River`s Emmy Lou "Siru" HD: A/A, ED: 0/0 APA WP II F
Low River`s Ellen "Elli" HD: D/D, ED:0/0 BH,  APA WP III, TT:BACT1 F
Low River`s Eleonore "Lara"     F
Low River`s Ellie May "Bubba" HD: D/D, ED: 0/0   F
Low River`s Emilie "Selma" HD: B/B, ED: 0/0 BH, AGI3 F






Low River`s Lenny


HD-A, ED-0


ZTP, NCL-Clear




White Bull`s Nelson


HD-B, ED-0




Ch. Sgt. Slaughter of Boyd`s


HD-B, ED-0


Bailey`s Ironman Tyson


MGK`s Mountain Gator Red


MGK`s She`s A Doozy


Boyd`s Elsie


Martin`s askum Nicely


Martin`s Hurricane Hannah


Boyd`s Lorena


OFA good


Johnson`s Rebel Rouiser 2/Peeler`s Chief


Johnson`s Rebel Rouiser


Johnson`s Colette 10


Sommer`s Athena of Boyd


Symmes`Rip`N Woody


Boyd`s Hines Moleque


Boldly Bulldog`s Come On Over





Ironheart`s Baskerville White


Ch. Kragenskjold`s Preben


Leclerc`s Patch


Leclerc`s Victoria


White Fang`s Gloria


Ola`s St. Patrick


White Fang`s Trixie




Triada House Rocky




Lionella Spike


Lionella Spike


White Fang`s Conan Spike


White Fang`s Copperhead


Ch. Low River`s Collette


HD-B, ED-0


ZTP, NCL-Clear


Ironheart`s Bao




Ch. Kragenskjold`s Preben


Leclerc`s Patch


Leclerc`s Bama Bash


Tate`s Dutchess Lady


Leclerc`s Victoria


Ch.Leclerc`s Bama Boy


Leclerc`s Miss Stump


White Fang Star Ducky


Ola`s St. Patrick


France`s Sharkey


Andrew`s Sinera


Banuelos` Veada


Jaws of Stone`s/Banuelos` Ike

Banuelos` Red Sonja


Ch. Dion`s


HD-B, ED-0


ZTP, NCL-Clear


Strong Heart


Ludowick I


W.F.`s  M#4


W.F.`s Sugar Pearl


Ch. Marvelov`s Anna


W.F.`s Hercules Ike


Georgia Bell


Ch. Ironheart`s Diona


Ch.Kragenskjold`s Preben


Leclerc`s Patch


Leclerc`s Victoria


White Fang Copperhead


Ola`s St.Patrick


Banuelos` Veada