Low River`s Dusty                 X       Arndt`s Lady Genesis Ivory
          HD:B/B, ED:0/0                                  HD:B/B, ED:0/0
        NCL-clear, TT:BACT2                              NCL-clear, ZTP

Low  River`s Dusty
Arndt`s Lady Genesis Ivory 

d.o.b. 09.01.2008

Health results;

Litter is NCL- clear

Other results; H-Litter
Low River`s Hazer     M
Low River`s Hermes     M
Low River`s Howler     M
Low River`s Huey HD:A/A, ED:0/0 TT:BACT1 M
Low River`s Humphrey     M
Low River`s Holly     F
Low River`s Honey Dew HD:B/C, ED:0/0   F
Low River`s Hallie     F
Low River`s Honey Bee     F

Low River`s Dusty

HD-B, ED-0
NCL-clear, TT:BACT2

Fantastik Dog Airons

HD:A/A, ED:0/1

Red Cock Dax

HD:C/C, ED:0/0

A&K`s Super Man
Boyd`s Tomahawk Cleaver of Sure-Grip Symmes` Rip`n Woody
Tomahawk`s Delilah of Sure-Grip

Boyd`s / A&K`s Token for a Smootch
Coffee`s Cup of Leroy
Smootch Kruegger of Thunder

Crierie`s Vebe

Rider`s Bulldog Mo
LeClerc`s Auggie
Rider`s Rose Bud

Crierie`s Gal
Sure-Grip`s Dick the Cruiser
Red Ruffles of Sure-Grip

Fantastik Dog E`Baby

Hauf`s Frasier

Kneeland`s Big Brutus
Steve`s Hammer
Banuelos` Mrs. Bruiser Bitch

Russel`s Dixie Rose
Vanguard`s Stonewall Jackson
Russel`s Cheyene Da Vinci

Boyd`s Christy

Till`s Raging Bull
Blackwell`s Polar Bear
Blackwell`s Rock and Roll

Blythe`s Boyd Boudicca
Boyd`s Tomahawk Cleaver of Sure-Grip
Cindy Anne

CH.Dion`s Desiree

HD:B/B, ED:0/0

NCL-clear, ZTP

CH.Strong Heart

Ludowick I

W.F.`s M#4
Jagger`s Woody`s Revenge
MGK Mako

W.F.`s Sugar Pearl
Steve`s Hammer 
Steve`s casper

CH.Marvelov`s Anna

W.F.`s Hercules-Aik
Bone Crusher Cardozo
Suarez Petry

Georgia Bell
Whitey of Sure-Grip
MGK Anna Bell

CH.Ironheart`s Diona

CH.Kragenskjold`s Preben

LeClerc`s Patch
LeClerc`s Bama Bash
Tate`s Duchess Lady

LeClerc`s Victoria
CH. LeClerc`s Bama Boy
LeClerc`s Miss Stump

W.F.`s Copperhead

Ola`s St.Patrick
France`s Sharkey
Andrew`s Sinera

Banuelos` Veada
Banuelos` Ike SCH3
Banuelos` Red Sonja

Arndt`s Lady Genesis Ivory

HD-B, ED-0
NCL-clear, ZTP

Sir Tucker of Bluegrass


GR CH Bluegrass Napoleon

Loki Von Sanctuary of Hines`

Morris` Gladiator

King`s Aristocrat of JDJ

Windy Hill`s Snowdrift

Carpenters Missy

Hines` Daisy Mae

Country Boy of Hines`
Smith`s Bradley Spot Bull
Smith`s Dixie Darling

Russell`s/ Hines` Sugar Lump
Russell`s White Knight
Bailey`s Big Girl 3

Story`s Bluegrass Piggy

Guess Harley

Patton`s Thorn
Tappe`s Hanna`s Big Boy
Margentina`s Bitch

Kershner`s Heather
Kershner`s Outlaw
Little Miss Patt

Bluegrass Rita Bonita

Country Boy of Hines`
Smith`s Bradley Spot Bull
Smith`s Dixie Darling

Smith`s  becky
Williamson`s Popeye the Sailor
Blevin`s Miss Bully

Shephard`s Queen Jezebel

Arndt`s Haziz Razor II

Heipp`s Razor

Steve`s Hammer
Ashley`s Buster Brown
Smith`s Rose Bud

Banuelos` Mrs.Bruiser Bitch
Symmes`Rip`n Woody
Blevin`s Miss Bully

Arndt`s Apache Red

Lightning Bolt`s Rage
Dailey`s Tug O`War
Johnson`s Rosealee

Arias Old Suzana
Rutan`s Janeil`s Gator

Arndt`s Katie

Arndt`s Gambler

LeClerc`s Dr. Hoghead
CH LeClerc`s Bama Boy
LeClerc`s Mamba

Sure-Grip`s Miss Penelope
Symmes`Rip`n Woody
Symmes` Jet Bitch

Arndt`s Mindy

Steve`s Hammer
Ashley`s Buster Brown
Smith`s Rose bud

Banuelos` Mrs.Bruiser Bitch
Symmes` Rip`n Woody
Blevin`s Miss Bully